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       Riverofgrass2.gif   monturasunrise.jpg   canal1.jpg

          Somewhere in Ohio   Mounment Valley
       Lighthouse   Trees   Morning Mist
       RiverOfGrass   Horse Showing Off  Quite Now 
       Personality    Serenity   Sunset Light                     

       Maine Boat House   Light in the Distance Storm Surge       

       Maine Boat House and Light House   Palms Surrounding the Light House        
       Light waiting for mail 
     Note: A couple of the thumbnails above are distorted due to an
           odd shape.  The actual graphic is correct.  Drop a note.
           If you are interested in any of the pictures, drop me an
           email at   
           A number of the paintings have been sold, so if you like 
           a certain one, please choose a second painting just in case?

           All of my paintings represent a certain experience that
           I had or wanted to have and it caught my attention and
           inspired me to put something down on the canvas. Incidently,
           my painting is accomplised only when I am in a happy space.
           I can't get the energy to paint if I am feeling unhappy.                  
           I work in oils on canvas.  I strecth my own canvas and 
	   prepare it with gueso.  It makes me feel like I am closer
           to the Masters of previous centuries.  I haven't gotten 
           courage to make my own brushes or make my own paint yet.  
           Chas Bolland