• This page contains a link to download the Magna.zip freeware. There are additional links to view information concerning the NRD525, NRD535, NRD545, and the NRD345 software programs.
  • CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST SHORTWAVE DATABASE FILES - NOTICE THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE DATABASE FILE IN THE APPLICATION. Latest upgrade to program performance routines 03/17/2011. Latest upgrade to database file 03/17/2011. There are now two seperate database files with a total of over 20,000 records when combined. There are multiple sort routines in both files which make finding broadcasts in English or other languages almost instantaneous. Once you have downloaded the Zip file and Unzip it, you will find A file called "setup.exe". Run the "setup.exe" program and PARS.EXE will load and open automatically. If you have problems with the program, send me an email at: ka4prf@peoplepc.com ... Once setup.exe is finished, you may need to create a shortcut on your desktop for running the program. The correct path for that is C:\cumlite Pars.exe. Have fun... Click here to Download the application - MAGNA.ZIP
       The resulting path should look like this:  C:\CUMLITE PARS.EXE
       If you end up with something different, please change it to the 
       above example.  Things should work correctly then.
  • NOTE: The setup program creates an shortcut Icon to start the program from. I have been getting complaints that this doesn't work very well, so I suggest that you might delete those shortcut Icons and create a new one. Go to the folder titled CUMLITE and highlight PARS and click once with your left mouse button. From the menu that appears, select "Create a Shortcut". After you are done, send the shortcut to your desktop. Sorry about this problem. Please let me know if you don't understand this procedure for creating an ICO SHORTCUT.
  • Hints for using the database:
  • Each browse screen has a search window at the top for the specific data that the screen sorts, i.e. Search Frequency F3: 05960 The data you enter into the search field should correspond to what the data in the browse. If you are looking for a specific frequency such as 05960, be certain to enter a zero in the first position as above. This rule should be followed for all frequencies below 9999.0 KHz i.e. 09999 KHz. If the frequency you are looking for is in the medium wave band below 999 KHz, then you need to enter two zeros in the first positions, i.e. 00999 KHz. On the other screens, (Radio Station, Language, Country etc) it's important to enter the search data precisely as instructed on some of the screens. You'll get the drift because it's so easy. A previous version was not working properly. The AOKI database would not load. That problem has been corrected. A NEW sort routine has been installed with this update version. "sort by Transmitter Site" Instructions are on the screen of the form. This routine is on the AOKI database only. The data in the databases, i.e. EIBI and AOKI, is compiled by their owners. I simply converted it into the above application for easier searching and reading. Consequently, there may be errors for which I am not responsible. If you find any, you can correct the record yourself by clicking on the button named "Change", or if you want you can delete that record. I periodically update this program with new data or by changing some of the features to make it better. I will notify you when this happens if you leave your Name and Email address in the form below. Hope to hear from someone. Chuck Bolland KA4PRF ka4prf@orchidcitysoftware.com
  • Check out the following link to review the remote control application available for the NRD525 Communications Receiver. Click NRD525
  • Check out the following link to review the remote control application available for the NRD535 Communications Receiver. Click NRD535
  • Check out the following link to review the remote control application available for the NRD545 Communications Receiver. Click NRD545
  • Check out the following link to review the remote control application available for the NRD345 Communications Receiver. Click NRD345
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